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The Cabin


New Build | Eagle River, AK

This personal project was a true labor of love as we designed this cabin from the ground up. Cozy, relaxed, and modern, the goal for this property was to create an inviting and comfortable retreat where Airbnb guests can take in the sweeping views of the Cook Inlet and Alaska Range. Along with this goal was the desire to minimize our energy consumption and environmental impact.

The biggest cost of energy is keeping the temperature comfortable, and in Alaska, that means a tight building envelope and an efficient heating system. We prioritized investment in the building envelope with 2x6 construction, spray foam insulation, insulated concrete forms for the foundation walls, and high performance windows. We also installed an Energy Star rated combi-boiler that provides both the heat and on demand hot water for the cabin.

When it came to the interior, we maximized use of:

  • decor from local artists and craftsman

  • pre-loved appliances and furnishings

  • refinished salvaged kitchen cabinetry

Since completion of the cabin, we’ve continued to learn and adopt approaches that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Planned future projects include:

  • installing rooftop solar panels that will at least cover all electricity demand over the summers

  • transitioning the natural gas stove to high efficiency Energy Star electrical induction stove

  • transitioning the natural gas dryer to high efficiency Energy Star electrical heat pump dryer

  • installing an electric vehicle charger

Contractor: Friesen's Custom Cabins

HVAC Specialists: Extreme Heating & Air

Photography: Lena Lee Photography


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