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5 Benefits of Working With an Interior Designer

There's no doubt that a successful home design or renovation requires a lot of time, thought and careful consideration. Every project has multiple moving pieces (such as establishing a budget, space planning, selecting materials and finishes and hiring contractors and trades people) that all need to come together to achieve the vision for your project. These tasks can easily take on a life of their own if not managed properly. That is why it can be very helpful to consult with and interior designer on your next project--here are five benefits:

1. Help you establish a plan.

Knowing where to start can be the stumbling point for many homeowners. An interior designer can transform your ideas into a tangible plan and help you evaluate what is feasible in your space. Having a solid plan will enable you to make informed decisions before committing to a renovation or design project.

2. Save you time & alleviate stress.

As professionals in the field, interior designers are efficient at composing a space, sourcing materials and coordinating with trades and contractors on delivery and installation. There are so many decisions to be made in every aspect of a design project that it can quickly become overwhelming. A designer can help you manage these moving parts allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.

3. Save you money

An interior designer will work within your budget and advise you on how to spend your money where it will have the greatest impact. They can help you avoid making costly mistakes such as choosing the wrong paint colors, ordering furniture that is the wrong scale for your room, or purchasing the wrong floor type or finish. You will save money by making the right choice the first time.

4. Access to Resources

Interior designers work closely with professionals from other industry branches, such as carpenters, contractors, electricians and painters and will know who to recommend to you if you need any of these services. They also have access to a wide variety of trade only resources, materials, and fabrics, providing you with a much wider choice for a unique and custom design.

5. Balance Form & Function

Design is a constant balancing act between what looks great and the intended purpose of the space; this is where that trained set of eyes can be especially helpful. An interior designer will assist you in creating a beautiful and cohesive space that also functions well and fits your lifestyle.

Do you have an interior project in mind? Contact us for a consultation. We look forward to chatting with you about your project to see how we can help!


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