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We are passionate about interior design
and creating healthy and enduring environments
that inspire you to slow your pace, connect with nature,
and live your best life. 

Aspen Redesign, LLC, is an interior design company based in Eagle River, Alaska, specializing in residential renovations and new construction projects along with space planning and concept development for small commercial interiors.


A well-designed home begins with a close partnership between client and designer as we channel our diverse experience and perspectives to shape a collective vision for your space.  From concept to completion, we help clients navigate the multiple layers of design decisions and collaborate with architects, contractors, and local artisans, to integrate all elements of the project ensuring the fulfillment of this shared vision.

We enjoy working in a variety of aesthetic styles and draw inspiration from your stories, original art, handcrafted items, travels, nature and the home itself and its sense of time and place.  Our design choices are greatly influenced by our client's identity, lifestyle and daily habits because personalization and practical functionality never go out of style. 



Hello!  I'm Erica, an interior designer and surface pattern designer living in Eagle River, Alaska.  I love working with others on creative projects and am passionate about  finding ways to live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Our love of learning, experimenting and making are key to our creative process.  We continually explore ways to nurture this process and have recently expanded into the world of surface pattern design.  This new adventure has lead to many connections and collaborations with local businesses, artists and makers.  Our recent projects include a collection of prints inspired by seasonal change, nature, and life in Alaska that have been applied to multiple products from fabrics & home decor to

beeswax food wraps & marshmallow roasting forks.     


Patterns Inspired by seasonal living, nature, and life in Alaska.

Purchase fabrics and home decor.


Add some sustainability and happiness to your pantry or lunchbox with That’s a Wrap plastic-free reusable food wraps.
Handmade with love in Alaska!


Roast marshmallows, hot dogs & brats, veggies, and s’more!
Perfect for camp fires, fire pits and backyard BBQ’s.

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